Dominy Denney

Dominy Denney Personal Trainer Columbus Ohio
Dominy Denney

I started in the fitness world 8 years ago, learning how to lift.

About 7 years ago I started working for a chiropractor’s office doing the rehab and therapies for patients and learned proper form and activation for every muscle and exercise.

While I was learning hands on, I got my CPT and started training.

I have worked for several gyms and have helped a lot of people with everything from weight loss to post rehab strengthening.

I got my SET so I could better help anyone with any condition because it truly is my passion.

I also got certified in sports nutrition because nutrition is the baseline for fitness and having a good relationship with food is so important and I want to help people get to the point that they love food and aren’t afraid to eat and to make me a better nutrition coach!